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How it works

The First Response Closes the Sale

The majority of customers will choose to work with the first organization that responds to their inquiry.

Customers shop multiple vendors, price-match products and services online, and expect instant answers to their questions. As soon as a prospect submits an online inquiry, they disengage and move over to a competitor’s website where they most likely reach out with the exact same question. The key to converting these prospects is to connect with them at the point where they are ready to make a business decision. This level peaks when the prospect submits an online inquiry and rapidly declines once the inquiry has been submitted. Studies show that responding to these inquiries after five minutes reduces the likelihood of connecting with the prospect by over 900%. Many systems forward online inquiries via email. It may take ten minutes, an hour, or even a day to respond to these inquiries. This response time is simply not good enough.

LeadActivate delivers new lead information to businesses in real-time, over the phone, using text-to-speech technology – enabling organizations to instantly connect with new prospects – within seconds of a prospect submitting an online inquiry! Not only does LeadActivate provided the quickest lead response time, it provides intelligent routing, based on business rules that are unique to each organization. These rules combine time of day, geolocation, services requested and inquiry-specific context to determine how and to whom to direct the inquiry.

It’s All About Customer Service

In a world where it is increasingly difficult and time consuming to get in touch with sales or support, LeadActivate provides prospects and customers with a seamless way to instantly and intelligently connect.

Most businesses have a team of sales and support representatives to close sales and answer questions. Finding the right representative is often a painstaking task, requiring the customer to listen to multiple IVR (Interactive Voice Response) questions and enter account numbers – only to be redirected to a live representative who then asks for all this information again. Why aren’t customers able to simply provide these selections up-front and be connected to the right sales or support representative? With LeadActivate, they can.

Based on form input provided by the customer, LeadActivate dials out to the correct sales or support representative, announces relvant information, and allows the representative to connect directly with the customer – all within a few seconds of the online inquiry submission. Best of all, the customer is able to bypass the endless menus and questions, making the experience both seamless and enjoyable. It is hands-down the most efficient way to connect customers with businesses.

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