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The Art of Responding First

March 7, 2014

The Art of Responding First

in Lead Response,Sales

Respond Faster To Inbound LeadsWhen it comes to making a sale, quite often, speed is everything. Customers now live in an instant world. Between email, social media, and other forms of instant communication, there is no real wait time when they initiate the conversation with someone. The glaring exception to this, however, is the response through online inquiries. Sometimes customers wait hours or even days before they hear back from the companies. On one recent survey, nearly have of the companies did not respond to these queries at all!

Companies who are not getting back to their customers quickly, or even at all, are hurting their bottom line.

The importance of speed when making a sale

Every industry is filled with competitors. No company can afford to be complacent when it comes to responding to internet queries. Research indicates than a full 78 percent of sales will go to the first company to respond to the customer. Similarly, failure to respond to customers within the first five minutes of them filling out an online form can reduce the chances of connecting with them by up to 900 percent.

Respond quickly and your customers will appreciate it, but failing to respond in an appropriate amount of time causes ill will and almost ensures that they’ll let their friends know. No one likes to be ignored.

How LeadActivate can help

LeadActivate can help companies save time and energy when going through online forms. Imagine having online forms automatically routed to the proper sales representative, depending upon the customized plans built for the individual company. The information is then converted from text to speech for the representative to easily listen to and respond almost immediately to the customer. There is no manually sorting different inquiries or delays in responding to customers. This can drastically reduce the time that customers spend waiting for a response and increase the odds of being the first responding company.

Having customers fill out online forms does companies little good if they cannot convert those people into paying customers. Speed is such an important part of securing these customers. Give LeadActivate a try to see how it can help the company improve their response time, try our form-to-phone demo today.

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