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Businesses of all shapes and sizes depend on leads to survive, thrive, and grow. Unfortunately, the biggest problems businesses face today, when it comes to managing, cultivating, and converting leads is the problem of getting to those leads in a timely manner.

Internet attention spans are short. By the time the average sales team gets around to contacting the lead, that person has moved on.

LeadActive eliminates this problem for businesses by providing your sales team with all the information they need to immediately follow up with new leads.

Seconds after the lead fills out an online form, LeadActive makes contact with your sales team to let them know that there is an active lead waiting to hear from them.

But that’s not where the benefits of LeadActive end.

In fact, it’s only the beginning.

Businesses invest a great deal of time, money, and other resources cultivating leads.

Watching those leads remain fruitless on the vine is frustrating for the business owners and management teams. It’s also bad for business.

Something as simple as a phone call to inform sales force about red-hot and leads waiting for them to contact them can be instrumental in making the sale or letting the lead grow cold. That’s what LeadActive provides.

Sales staff no longer has an excuse for waiting around until there’s a huge pile of leads waiting to be contacted before digging in only to discover that most leads are no longer interested.

No more procrastinating employees to hold your business back. You get to take the upper hand again and take immediate action the leads as they come in.

This also helps you know when it’s time to add new members to your sales team. If calls from LeadActive are coming in quickly enough that backlogs are beginning to form, then perhaps it’s time to consider bringing new people onto the team.

The bottom line is that LeadActive can help your business convert more leads by delivering encouraging immediate contact.

How many of your leads today are connected with in a matter of minutes? We can help you change that!

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When you work in sales, one of the first things you learn is that the vast majority of all customers will choose to work with the first business who responds to the question they have. Customers naturally shop around to multiple vendors in an attempt to find the best prices on the products or services that they’re after. They aren’t necessarily going to wait around for an indefinite period of time, however, and will usually just go with whoever calls them back first. LeadActivate is a service that will completely revitalize your sales by making sure that you’re always the first response the customer experiences. In a business that is heavily reliant on quality customer service, LeadActivate can help make sure that you offer an experience that truly can’t be matched by anyone else.

One of the ways that LeadActivate will revitalize your sales is through increased conversion rates. Because you’re responding to customers much faster than you were before, you’ll be making a larger amount of connections. Those connections will naturally translate into additional sales over time.

Additionally, you’ll have the added benefit of making sure that you’re connecting with potential customers at the period when they’re the most interested in the product or service they’re trying to find out about. If you wait too long, the consumer could become disinterested or might think better of the decision that they were about to make. LeadActivate allows you to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak.

Another benefit of LeadActivate is that it can be integrated into your existing customer relationship management deployment. Additionally, the system is can be highly personalized based on the needs of your own specific business. If you need incoming calls to be organized by location, for example, you can have the system do just that for your own convenience.

Thanks to the versatility of the LeadActivate system, you’ll soon find your sales numbers dramatically improved. Because over two thirds of all customers go with the first company that responds to an inquiry, you’ll have a significant edge over the competition. You’ll also be able to use information gained from the system to create a much fuller and more organic experience with the customer, which will help cultivate the types of long-term relationships that are so important in the business world today.

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