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How LeadActivate Will Help Your Industry Turn Leads into Sales

August 2, 2014

How LeadActivate Will Help Your Industry Turn Leads into Sales

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Responding quickly to leads can make the difference between losing or landing a sale. Prospects are contacting your business when they are ready to learn more about your product or service. If you wait too long to respond, they might lose interest or move on to another company.

LeadActivate helps your company contact interested leads instantly to turn them into customers. Once a person fills out your website form, we can ensure that your sales customer service staff are in touch with that person within 20 seconds.

LeadActivate is useful for many different industries:

Lead Sellers

If you sell leads to other companies, your leads will be more valuable if they consistently turn into customers. One way to make this happen is for the leads to be contacted quickly. Our service can help you achieve this goal so that your leads are valuable to the companies you work with.

Inbound Lead-Based Companies

If your company receives a significant amount of inbound leads, you need to respond to them quickly. This can include industrial and manufacturing companies, or companies selling products or services to consumers.

When prospects contact you based on your inbound marketing, they are already interested in what you have to offer. Our service will help you respond quickly so you reach them when they are most interested and before they move on to another company.

Time-Sensitive Services

If you have a service that requires an instant reply or the person will move on to the next company, our service will help you respond right away. Examples include plumbing services, air conditioning or heating services, and water damage restoration companies.

Broker Services

If you have a brokerage, such as a mortgage or insurance brokerage, you need to have a leg up on the competition because you are offering similar services. Responding quickly can give you that leg up and our service can help you respond quickly.

Find Out More

If your company is ready to improve your follow-up to leads, learn more about LeadActivate through our website or by calling (888) 367-6514.

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