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Harnessing the 5-Minute Lead Window

July 14, 2014

Harnessing the 5-Minute Lead Window

in Lead Response


What would you say if it was shown that your company is throwing away over 70 percent of its leads on the Internet? You would probably say, “baloney.” Then, when realizing the figure was true, you would likely say, “Who needs to be fired and how do I fix this?” The answer is simple but amazingly challenging for many companies trying to operate and generate sales online. According to an article on Forbes this is one of the biggest black holes in online lead generation and sales.


When a lead occurs online, there is a magic window that exists to connect with that lead and convert it to a sale. Responding back a day or a few days later is far too late. In most cases the lead has already moved on to another company or found a substitute for a need. Instead, the magic window is likely in the five minutes that exist immediately when a lead has a question.

Unfortunately, most companies don’t want to commit the resources to respond right away to online inquires. They shove it to an assembly line that gets serviced hours and days later like a complaint callback number. Who wants to hear from that? And that’s assuming the lead even gets called back. 73 percent of leads end up being ignored altogether, establishing a “wonderful” reputation with an absolutely pathetic response treatment.

Instead, companies can generate activity and response on as much as 92 percent of online leads simply by responding in the moment as the lead has a question or makes contact through a company website page. However, it has to happen in the first five minutes. There is a dramatic drop off of consumer interest or attention once the response gets to the 10 minute range or later.

So if you want to turn your online sales around and generate a true digital response, connect with LeadActivate. We can even provide a free demonstration as to how to connect in the magic window 5 minutes and connect with 9 out of 10 leads successfully. There is so much being lost with traditional lead response taking as long as two days to happen. Don’t stick with the pack; get ahead of them and try our intelligent lead router that will have you responding to inbound leads in 20 seconds.

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