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Give Your Sales Reps a Break

August 13, 2014

Give Your Sales Reps a Break

in Lead Response

clock_fast_times_text_10762In today’s fast-paced business environment, every second truly matters. According to multiple published studies, if a company’s lead response time is consistently more than five minutes, its overall closing rates can decline by as much as 50 percent. In other words, even minimum lead response lag times can result in the loss of thousands, if not millions, of dollars on an annual basis. Are you giving your sales team all the tools that they need to respond to customers and clients in a timely fashion?

Don’t Let Your Leads Get Away

Most sales representatives understand that rapid response times are one of the biggest keys to business success. Because of their busy schedules and the hectic environment in which they work, however, typical sales professionals may take up to three hours to respond to an incoming lead.

LeadActivate can take the pressure off your hardworking staff members by helping them respond to incoming sales leads in less than a minute. In fact, our innovative methods have been proven to link prospective customers to qualified customer service representatives in as few as 20 seconds.

How LeadActivate Works

The fastest and most effective lead response solution on the market today, LeadActivate is firmly committed to assisting sales reps by making their jobs easier. The system springs into action whenever a consumer submits a product or service inquiry via the Internet. These inquiries can come in the form of fillable web documents, emails, or various customer relationship management (CRM) and/or third-party system platforms.

Following a set of customizable business guidelines, LeadActivate immediately routes each individual inquiry to the appropriate service, support, or sales representative. As the lead is transferred, LeadActivate simultaneously transmits a wealth of specific inquiry details that are provided to the rep in real-time using text-to-speech technology.

While reviewing this information, the rep can choose to speak directly to the consumer at any point in time by simply pressing the “1” key on his or her company telephone. The entire LeadActivate process connects prospective customers to skilled and knowledgeable company personnel in a matter of seconds.

Click to experience a demo of our Lead Response system in action.

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