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While taste can certainly be subjective, there are certain movies universally considered to be among the best. While some of these five sales movies contain cringe-worthy tactics or show the darker side of sales, others illustrate its more uplifting facets. Just as a product like LeadActivate has undeniable benefits, you cannot deny the merit of each of these movies as a truly great sales film:

1. The Pirates of Silicon Valley

In this film, the Apple vs. Microsoft saga is played out by Anthony Michael Hall as Bill Gates and Noah Wyle as Steve Jobs. The movie provides an interesting perspective on both the rivalry and the alliance between these two juggernauts of the computer industry. The movie shows how bold sales tactics can help drive progress and innovation as well (as make you incredibly wealthy.)

2. Wall Street

Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) is a 1980s NYC Wall Street broker who is determined to get to the top. He works for his firm by day but spends his spare time working with the ruthless, greedy Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas.) Fox soon finds himself swept up in a shady but lucrative life which is at odds with the honest, blue-collar way he was brought up.

3. Death of a Salesman

In this American classic by Arthur Miller, shoe salesman Willy Loman has recently been forced into retirement. He now lives on handouts from his friend Charley and his hopes for greatness and success “just around the corner” have been lost. As he reflects upon his work and family life, he must face some unpleasant truths. If only Willy had had access to a lead generation product like LeadActivate, his fate may have been different.

4. Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) is a highly successful sports agent who seems to have it all, until he starts questioning his choices. After creating a new mission statement, he feels he has a new lease on life. Not surprisingly, his new ideas are not met with enthusiasm by his superiors, and he loses his elite status in the agency. Maguire ventures into the sports world with just one wild-card client (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and love interest (Renée Zellweger) to try and rebuild what he once had.

5. The Pursuit of Happyness

Based upon the true story of Christopher Gardner, the movie follows Gardner (Will Smith) and his son (played by Will Smith’s son Jaden) as they are forced to live on the streets and try and improve their situation. Gardner takes a job as a stockbroker and commits to 6 months of training without pay while selling pricey medical devices on the side. The movie is a heartwarming story about how perseverance and a positive outlook can pay off.

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Team Work

Despite the fact that they have the same objective, all too often, sales and marketing teams have trouble forging a truly productive partnership. They’re very good at co-existing; team members may say polite hellos in the hallways… but they could be so much more to one another.

The truth is, the divide between sales and marketing departments really isn’t all that wide. Both teams share many common mindsets and responsibilities.

They both:

• Are accountable for driving revenue
• Are customer-focused
• Have quotas to meet
• Design campaigns that contribute to team and company goals
• Must deliver meaningful success metrics

Marketing has a stronger focus on branding and creating buzz, while sales focuses on closing deals and moving deliverables. Expanding each side’s forte is a key to aligning sales and marketing departments, and this can lead to new levels of success and achievement for both sides and for the company as a whole.

Collaborating on the Numbers

Metrics reflect hard data, the reality of a department’s state of affairs and how they are benefiting the company. It behooves both departments to be on the same page about:

• The lead conversion rate
• The ideal number of leads the sales department needs to reach their quota each month
• The number of leads marketing is able to generate
• The best/most effective ways to qualify a lead

When both sides understand the numbers, what’s required for success can unfold naturally. Sales departments can speak and act in ways that are aligned with the marketing department’s current branding language; marketing departments can court and groom leads in ways that allow sales reps to have instant rapport.


Employing the use of a tool like Lead Activate can make both departments’ jobs much easier. The marketing department can seamlessly integrate Lead Activate’s immediate lead alert technology within web pages, CRM, email newsletters and third-party systems. Key sales reps are then alerted the moment there is an interested prospect. With a timely and rapid response, sales are much more likely to be closed.

Ultimately, sales and marketing teams share a common goal: increased company revenues. A tool like Lead Activate along with better communication, understanding and the sharing of key metrics can go a long way in bridging the gap. Try a demo of our lead response system.

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